> Date and time printing function (built-in calendar/clock)
> Cumulative memory function (Memory stored even if the power supply is switched off.)
> Internal battery provides calendar/clock and cumulative memory function back-up for approx. 10 years.
> Cumulative/statistical calculation functions by code/ input channel
> Print modes* : Random, Dump, Interval, and Batch
> Print format modification function using the operation keys (in the random print mode)
> Connectable to external displays (up to 3 devices) with a current loop output (channel 1 only)
> Up to 4 data output devices including indicators (AD-8118C-02 required) can be connected to a single AD-8118C printer.
> Receives input signal via a current loop (maximum length of approx. 100m) or RS-232C (maximum length of approx. 15m)