> Feedback control
> Three types of weighing modes: Passing, Stopping, and Static Weighing
> Reports for operational history, weighing history, histogram, control charts, and summary reports.
> Display various data on smartphones and tablets over wireless LAN during measurement.
> Item photo import from a USB Flash Drive
> Easy setting restoration using a USB Flash Drive.
> Save data to a USB Flash Drive and import it to personal computer.
> AD4412-CW is compliant with IP65 dustproof/waterproof standards when attached to the panel using the panel mount bracket. (AD4412-10)

AD4412-02: Relay output 9 points AC250V 3A/DC30V 3A
AD4412-05: Parallel I/O DI 16 points DO 16 points DC40V 50mA
AD4412-07: Analog output 1ch 4-20mA or 0-10V
add AD4412-17 x 3 then Maximum 4ch
Output weighing value, conveyer speed control
AD4412-17: Analog output module 4-20mA or 0-10V
AD4412-10: Panel mount bracket
AD4412-11: Bracket for display stand