> 100 times/sec. High speed sampling.
> High display resolution to 16,000 counts.
> Up to 1 million counts of A/D resolution.
> Easy to get judgment by Hi/OK/Lo or HiHi/Hi/Lo/LoLo comparator lights with buzzer.
> Foreign material detection input is newly added.
> Bar graph shows where the weight of an object falls within the OK range.
> Built-in timer controls weighing process by signal from an external photoelectric switch or by programmable weight recognition function that is beneficial for transparent objects.
> Weight, accepted piece, accumulated piece count, name of the object weighted,
and standard deviation can be displayed at the touch of button.
> Up to 100 sets of target (OK weight), Hi, Lo and tare can be stored by individual code number.
> 5 digits of target and 4 digits of upper and lower limit can be set by the front key operation
and number of digit and its location can be customized.
>Bright and large 13mm (0.52 inch) florescent display.
>1/16000 display resolution capability precise enough for any application.
> Sealed keys keep out dust in industrial environments.
> 100 times/second fast sampling.
> Standard current loop output and standard RS-485.
> Full digital calibration makes zero and span calibration a breeze.
> Complete RFI/EMI protection.
> Many features simplify operation.
> Display (default) – Stores and recalls up to 100 sets of pre-sets items by individual code number.
-Total number of pieces checked
-Total number of pieces accepted
-Target weight
-Bar graph indicates deviation from target weight
> Heavy-duty construction
> Easy installation
> Simple calibration
> 11 inputs and 11 open collector output standard (Optional dry contact relay) > Auto zero maintenance with adjustable parameters
> Comparator buzzer
> Front panel key lock out prevents operator tampering
> Fully selectable decimal joint positioning
> Programmable gravity compensation
> Selectable units of measuring: None, g, kg, t, lbs (USA)

OP-01 BCD output
OP-02 Relay output
OP-03 RS-422/RS-485 I/O
OP-04 RS-232C I/O
OP-05 Parallel I/O
OP-07 Analog output