>All stainless steel construction*1
>IP67 dust & waterproof
>Cleanable with alcohol*2*3
>High-speed measurement of 1 second*4
>Bright and multi-colored LED comparator lights
>Auto-tare and negative comparison functions for “take-away” check weighing
>USB cable (3 m) to be connected to either an AC adapter (provided as standard), a USB port of a PC, or an off-the-shelf mobile battery*5
>Power supply and data communication both at the same time when connected to a PC
>Highly-visible, LCD display (30 mm character height) with white backlight
>Four selectable weighing resolutions
>Impact shock detection (ISD) to prevent error and damage to the load cell
>Adjustable response characteristics
>GMP/GLP compliant output to meet documentation requirements
>Display hold function
>Counting mode function
>Auto power ON and OFF functions
>Freely adjustable display angle
>Password lock and key restriction functions

>*1 Display unit, weighing pan, pole and frame: SUS304
Load cell: SUS420J-2 with protective coating
>*2 Alcohol diluted to 70% or less
>*3 For the display unit (including the front panel), weighing pan, pole and frame
>*4 Typical when the readability is set to normal (factory setting)
>*5 For reference, continuous operation time with an off-the-shelf mobile battery (10,000 mAh) is estimated to be approx. 77 hours with backlight on.