> High cost-effectiveness
> Big LCD 25mm in height
> Multi power supply
> Alkaline C type battery:
battery life 180 hours (LC 350ohms x 1)
battery life 70 hours (LC 350ohms x 4)>Optional AC adapter
> F1, F2 selectable function keys
> Load cell 350 ohms x 4
> Optional stand available
> Universal Flexi Coms
> UFC allows you to customize the protocol of the printing format as well as outputting the data with RS-232C
> Multi interval
> 2 weighing ranges selectable
> Accumulation Function
> Accumulative data is stored into memory automatically or manually
> Comparator Function Upper/Lower, HiHi/Hi/OK/Lo/Lolo & comparison
> Comparator output to optional relays
> Simple batch weighing
> Automatic batching and customer programming capability
> Buzzer function
> Code memory function