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New Product - Carat Balance
  • For the truly precious
  • Highly visible Vacuum Fluorescent Display
  • Easy data output
  • Standard carat pans in two different colors

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* The pipette is not included

Simple tests save you great costs! With a balance, software, and accessories all in one carrying case, A&D's pipette accuracy tester provides everything you need for easy verification of the accuracies of your pipettes


  • Compliance with ISO8655 or any other specifications based on the "gravimetric method"
  • Select from three models covering a wide volumetric range
  • Easy test and data management using special WinCT-Pipette software
  • Standard liquid thermometer and evaporation trap to ensure as precise measurements as possible
  • Includes a calibration weight and tweezers for the balance





Weighing Capacity*1

110g / 31 g*2



Minimum Weighing Value

0.1 mg / 0.01 mg

0.1 mg

1 mg


±0.2 mg / ±0.05 mg

±0.3 mg

±2 mg

Repeatability (Standard Deviation)

0.1 mg / 0.05 mg

0.15 mg

1 mg


Weighing Unit : 80 (W) x 230 (D) x 200 (H) mm

Display (with a stand) : 237 (W) x 150 (D) x 155 (H) mm

193 (W) x 262.5 (D) x 190 (H) mm

Standard Accessories *3
  • Instruction manual
  • Balance including the weighing pan unit, breeze break, AC adaptor and AC adaptor ID lable
  • Calibration weight with a pair of tweezers
  • Evaporation trap
  • Sample cup with a holder (30 mL x 2 / 5 mL x2)
  • Liquid thermometer
  • USB communications kit (USB converter, RS-232C cable, Instruction manual)
  • WinCT-Pipette (CD-ROM)
  • Carrying case with a shoulder belt and a key
AC adaptor

Please confirm that the AC adaptor type is correct for your local voltage and power receptacle type

Power Consumption

Approx. 11VA (supplied to the AC adaptor)

Carrying Case Dimensions

470 (W) x 150 (D) x 355 (H) mm

Weight (with All Accessories in a Case)

Approx. 7.6 kg

Approx. 7.2 kg

Approx. 6.4 kg

*1 When the balance weighing pan is used

*2 The AD-4212B-PT is equipped with a smart range function. The minimum weighing value will switch to 0.1 mg automatically when the mass value exceeds 31 g but returns to 0.01 mg by pressing the RE-ZERO (tare) key

*3 The standard accessories for the AD-4212B-PT / AD-4212A-PT / FX-300i-PT are different from those for the AD-4212B / AD-4212A / FX-300i

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