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New Product - Carat Balance
  • For the truly precious
  • Highly visible Vacuum Fluorescent Display
  • Easy data output
  • Standard carat pans in two different colors

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More Choices from New Advanced Weighing Indicator for Numerous Weighing System Applications


  • Easy to get judgment by Hi/OK/Lo or HiHi/OK/Lo/LoLo Comparator lights with buzzer
  • Foreign Material Detection input function is newly added
  • Bar graph shows where the weight of an object falls within the OK range
  • Built-in timer controls weighing process by signal from an external photoelectric switch or by programmable weigh recognition function that is beneficial for transparent objects
  • Weight, Accepted Piece, Accumulated Piece count, name of the object weighed, and standard deviation can be displayed at the touch of button
  • Up to 100 sets of target (OK weight), Hi, Lo and tare can be stored by individual code number
  • 5 digits of Target and 4 digits of Upper and Lower Limit can be set by the front key operation and number of digit and its location can be customized
  • Bright and large 13mm (0.52 inch) fluorescent display
  • 1/16,000 display resolution capability, precise enough for any application
  • Sealed keys keep out dust in industrial environments
  • 100 times/sec fast sampling
  • Standard Current Loop output and Standard RS-485
  • Full Digital Calibration makes Zero and Span calibration a breeze
  • Complete RFI/EMI protection

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